Those Glorious Dog Days of Summer by Jennette Nielsen

I’m remembering those glorious dog days of summer, when they were smaller, and younger, and they would fall asleep in the car on the way home from the lake each day, exhausted from the sun and play and magic. How I would image001pull into the long drive way right at dinner time to see the bees returning to their hives near the woods, beyond the gardens, and how they would cluster on the outside of the hives because it was still too hot to go home. And I would open all the station wagon doors, to let the cooling air and stillness wake the boys up while i began to unload the broken buckets, plastic shovels, fishing rods, deflated floaties, damp towels and left over goldfish crackers. I would lean into the car, smelling the tops of their lake and sweat scented heads, curls and wisps of hair plastered to their freckled cheeks and bare necks as I unbuckled them, set them free to stumble inside upon rousing. How I would crack open an ice cold hard cider and put a record on the turntable and hang all the wet beach things on the line to dry while noticing the heavy scent of lilies, angel trumpets and nicotiana wafting on the barely there breeze just before twilight. How they would eventually find their way indoors, wanting dinner and needing baths, eating ice cream sandwiches in the tub and more fish crackers, calling it a meal. How that last light of the day filtered through the back trees hitting the fire circle ring just so at golden hour while every door and window were still flung wide and the whir of fans over vinyl side B, hummed and hummed. Those excellent summer days, treasured by my honeycomb heart and saltwater soul, i hope to recall forever.

About the Author – Jennette Nielsen

jn_bioJennette Nielsen is a Pacific Northwest-based honey drenched Maker, Mama, and Medicine Woman, steeped in mellow magic. She is a wild seeker, sacred gatherer and magic forager who loves to tend her honeybees, sew, sling clay, craft herbal potions, dance and sing.

She’s the visionary behind Make-to-Mend, Smashing Rubbish and Cauldron & Hive – three creative expressions of her passion for healing, transformation, beauty and the divine feminine.

Fueled by the belief that the practice and act of Making is a catalyst for Mending and unfurling personal growth, Jennette hopes every woman will thread their needle with soul sinew and stitch their own wild and free nature into their mending, marveling at their own beauty all the while.

To learn more about Jennette, check out the short film on her in the series ArtMaker SoulShaker here or visit her website here or find her on instagram to follow her travels, adventures and vagabond wanderings.

one sentence offering: Join us in Ojai October 9-14 for our last Wild Roots Sacred Wings gathering of 2015 with our merry magical coven of misfit ladybirds.

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