The Tunnel by Christa Gallopoulous

image by Christa

She wandered through the immaculately manicured gardens that day, late in the afternoon when the summer sun had heated the pathways and burnt away the morning fog. With the broad stone walls of the old castle beginning to throw their shadows on the roses, the lavender and the blown open poppies, the light reflecting off the stones crunching under her feet was almost otherworldly.

As she went, staying on the paths to avoid interrupting the business of the honeybees, she wondered. About who had placed their feet, one after another, on these carefully laid out corridors over the hundreds of years they had been maintained. About the weddings and the funerals held in the grand building – and who had found their way to the gardens with a cigarette, or perhaps a lover. About who had decided to harness nature in this way, so fastidiously grooming what the true spirit of the natural world would have thrown about far more loosely. There was no place for willy nilly here, no matter how many loose, illicit affairs -business and personal – may have begun within the ivy covered walls.

She wondered too, about how she would go about incorporating the gifts these summer days had given her so generously into her own life, back in the city. How could she take the freedom she’d found, the release from all she’d believed about herself, the extraordinary knowledge that she was revered rather than reviled? How could she become herself, once and for all, truly and well? These endlessly glorious days of summer had taught her lessons she’d never be able to forget, had changed her in inexplicable ways. She was changed, or perhaps a changeling still.

The light continued to dim, and as the sun sank in the sky, the answer became clear. The vivid green of the tunnel called to her, the transition to the brick tunnel illuminated at it’s end. There is was, lit up just for her.

The only way out was through.

About the Author & Artist – Christa Gallopoulous

Christa_G_bioChrista Gallopoulos is usually found with a camera, paintbrush or pen in hand, taking in the beauty of this world and transmitting it back out through words and images- on Facebook and Instagram among other places!

The author of “All Better Bye and Bye“, to be published in 2016, she is an inspirational writer, artist, speaker and mentor, encouraging people to dive into the sacred act of transforming their lives and celebrating the joy of living fully and well. You can find more of her work at

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