Farewell to Summer Love Notes

When I woke up Monday morning, a peek beyond the covers showed nothing but darkness. I assumed there must be hours to go before waking time. JB is out of town and instead of curling into him so that his warmth and heartbeat sooth me back to sleep, I roll into his empty pillow, glance at the clock and see that it’s 6:24.

I’ve always been a lover of mornings, so instead of allowing the Alice-in-Wonderland type dreams to invade my IMG_20140527_070629should I doze, I choose to rise. It’s time to begin the day, to seek coffee.

I throw on a robe, slide my feet into slippers, and stretch as I move into the kitchen; it’s darkish as I glance through the plate-glass windows and their view of the golf course. But there’s a sliver light barely on the horizon.

The coffee pot does it’s magical BEEP BEEP BEEP, I reverently fix my first cup and take the first prayerful and glorious sip.

I take my coffee and my current morning read (An Altar in the World) out on the deck to savor the solitude as the world wakes along with me.

I listen to the doves coo and the cicadas sing. I watch the pink fade to gold against the clouds and realize that the leaves of the maple tree are no longer a deep forest green, but have softened in tone to pear.

I can’t deny the fact that summer is slowly shifting to make way for fall.

The signs have been all around me, but I guess I’ve been in denial.

The calendar pages have been moving at a rapid rate. Not only is the sun rising later, it’s setting a little earlier each signsoffallday, too. And, though I just noticed the fading of the leaves on the maple trees, my birch tree out front has been shedding yellow leaves here and there for days.

There’s a soft Alice blue cardigan on the back of my office chair that I’ve been tossing on in the late evenings to stave off the chill. Though midday temps are in the 80’s, the nights are presenting us  with weather cool enough to toss open the windows and let the fresh air filter through the screens.

As much as I hate to do so, it’s time to begin saying Goodbye to Summer and “Farewell” to Summer Love Notes.

When I first envisioned this project, I had high hopes of bringing little rays of sunshine to warm you spiritually. And I believe we accomplished that.

Each day was like opening a gift of love and a tiny piece of soul from each of the amazing contributors.

I can’t tell you how eternally grateful I am to everyone.

For each of you that took the time to read even a single love note, how amazing are you? That you allowed us valuable space in time in your oh-so-busy lives.

And for the awe-inspiring contributors, I hold a deep reverence for the brilliant and talented people that agreed to shine their light here at Summer Love Notes .

Though Summer Love Notes is ending for 2015, the website will stay in place for those days when your heart is needing a little warmth or your soul is longing for the light of summer.

And who knows, we may be back next summer to share more wisdom, wit, and rays of sunshine.

About the Author – Debra Smouse

debrasmouse200x300 I’m Debra Smouse, a self-admitted Tarnished Southern Belle. I can help you detangle all your clutter, fall in love with yourself and your life, and unleash your inner sex kitten.

My truth? In order to live life the way you were meant to, you must fall in love with the day-to-day activity of living.

I spend my days writing and working with people who want to change the world, beginning with themselves.

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A life coach and writer, me and my Gypsy Soul have stopped their constant roaming and have settled down in Dayton, OH where I share life’s adventures with the Man of My Dreams.

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