About Summer Love Notes


Do you remember summer break as a kid?

  • Playing outside in the sprinklers.
  • Laying by the pool slathered in suntan oil reading a favorite book
  • Going on vacation with your family
  • Sunglasses, shorts, and halter tops
  • Creating stories and elaborate homes for your Barbie’s lives
  • Exploring the woods
  • Riding your bike everywhere
  • Falling in love with the boy you met at the beach
  • Picking wild blackberries
  • Hanging out at the lake or the beach
  • Playing baseball with your friends
  • Picnics or tea parties with a best friend (and your dolls)
  • Crushing over the hot lifeguard (even though he was way too old for you)
  • Making Forts
  • Playing outdoors until you were sweaty and your feet dirty
  • Lemonade stands and listening for the ice cream truck
  • Falling in love for the first time and receiving that first kiss

Do you long to recapture the pure exhilaration of being a kid again?

Do you sometimes wish to go back to school, just so you can have summers OFF?

How would you like to receive a splash of summer in your inbox every day?

How would it feel to open a daily gift to remind you that, even though you’re not a kid anymore, you can still embrace the essence of summer into your daily life?

Join me along with more than a dozen friends as we invite you to put your hair up and embrace the sights, sounds and feelings of summer.

Beginning June 16, 2015 and ending August 13, 2015, you’ll receive a short love note with an invitation to connect to your inner kid, a quote about the gloriousness of summer, summertime recipe or exquisite vistas inviting you to celebrate the art of living.

It’s a FREE Series. You can sign up here:

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